Visiting the Costa del Sol on the Spanish southern coast is the favorite vacation spot for millions of European travelers every year. The issue with finding the best local Spanish food is that there are many Indian restaurants and British pubs due to the significant number of visitors from the UK every summer. If you’re looking for a traditional Spanish lunch or dinner, cocktails or tapas, where do you go near Mijas, Spain? Luckily, if you’re looking for the best food the locals eat, you have some excellent options outside Malaga.

What do the Spaniards Eat?

Mijas Farm to Table Restuarant Mijas Farm to Table Restuarant

Going on vacation can mean different things to different people. Some travelers want all the comforts of home with better weather and more sunshine. Other travelers want to experience new things, new cuisines, and live how the locals do. If you travel to Spain’s southern coast, you’ll have both options. Find all sorts of activities and restaurants that offer what you had back home, or dive in head first into the finest locally grown Spanish produce, locally made wine, and farm-to-table restaurants here in Mijas. 

The Spanish diet varies from that of the average UK or Northern Europe household. Dishes commonly include ingredients you won’t easily find back home. Including:

  • delicious Spanish olive oil
  • local Mijas honey
  • local sheep milk cheeses & salads
  • many jamon varieties
  • croquetas & empanadas
  • Spanish pork, beef, chicken, and seafood dishes
  • salty olives & nuts
  • safron rice & fresh bread
  • and more

The Costa del Sol is even more special as produce is grown all year so that some tasty farm-fresh options will find their way onto your plate. 

What about Paella and Sangria?

Paella is one of the famous Spanish dishes but not something Spaniards eat all that often. Spain gets credit for inventing Sangria, but Sangria isn’t something Spaniards drink all that much, opting for Tinto de Verano. We recommend travelers in Spain consider different culinary options that are based on the region they’re visiting. Paella, for example, was created in Valencia and is a local specialty there, so when you visit eastern Andalucia, go for it. However, each region has its version for tourists. 

In Mijas, and the greater metropolitan Malaga area, some spectacular produce is grown, and delicious meat is raised. This means you can find the freshest «de la huerta a la mesa» fare, the Spanish way to say «farm-to-table restaurant.» 

Look at User Reviews of a Restaurant You’re Considering

When you are looking for a restaurant for dinner on your family vacation, you will have a lot of restaurant options that want your patronage. It’s a good idea to read some reviews that other diners have provided. Anything less than an average of 4-stars on Google reviews should be avoided. Look no further than el Panal de la Reina for the best Local Spanish Restaurant Mijas Spain. We are a family-owned farm-to-table restaurant right here in Mijas. We raise our livestock and grow our produce, including homemade cheeses. Nothing is fresher, and you and your family will love every bite of our family recipes and traditional Costa del Sol specialties. 

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